Throughout our lives most of us are struck at some point by an unexpected injury, illness or diagnosis. It can be a frustrating and emotional time as our normality shifts from the life we are used to, to one that may now prohibit us from doing the things we want to do, or previously took for granted.

Such a change can be temporary – a broken bone, torn muscle or minor surgery  – or life-changing, with the need for long term readjustment. Whatever the circumstance, we understand how important it is to recover the physical strength and quality of life you desire and sustain it into the future. So whether it’s to return to work, to full duties, to Saturday morning football or to any other measure of personal progress or success, we’ll work with you to help you get there.

Here are a few examples of the reasons people turn to us for support with their physical health.

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders

The most common cause of injury and resultant sickness absence across the UK’s fire and rescue services, bad backs, knees, shoulders and other joints and muscles are a recurring source of pain and frustration for many of our beneficiaries.

However, because we understand the unique physical demands of work within the fire and rescue services, we can support you to address your short or long term musculoskeletal condition in an appropriate and positive way.

To find out about our approach to support your musculoskeletal injury or disorder, click here.

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Chronic pain or fatigue

Chronic, long-term conditions such as fibromyalgia can leave people managing pain and fatigue on a daily basis, preventing them from living a normal life and often feeling like there is nowhere left for them to turn.

We understand how challenging such conditions can be for individuals and for families, which is why we work with each of our beneficiaries to devise a support programme that is right for them. Often combining both physical and psychological support, you can read more about our approach here.

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Long term or degenerative conditions

For those with life changing long term or degenerative conditions, accessing specialist support can be a challenge.

However, with expertise on hand, including support from a dedicated nursing team, as well as in communities across the UK, we can provide access to support from teams who understand both your physical and psychological needs.

To find out more about our approach to support, click here.

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Other common physical health concerns or issues that we have supported in the past have included
  • Knee injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Other musculoskeletal injuries
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Long term and degenerative conditions