Your overall health and wellbeing can be defined as much by the social circumstances in which you find yourself, as by your physical or mental health.

We’re here to support you as you navigate your way through them. We deal with the unseen, invisible problems, that may sound small but have a huge impact on your social wellbeing.

Supporting you at home

We support, advise and signpost, aiming to empower people to be as independent as possible while they adapt to their change of circumstance. This can include signposting to advice, providing information on statutory entitlements, taking action to alleviate financial hardships, aiding independent living, offering support at home following ill health or helping someone through a bereavement.

As well as liaising with internal specialists within the Charity, we also work closely with statutory services, occupational health teams, physios, occupational therapists, social workers and GPs.

By taking time to properly understand your social circumstances, as well as your physical and mental health needs, we aim to support  you through any challenging social circumstances you may face. Here are a few examples of the kind of concerns that lead people to us.

Sustaining quality of life

Sustaining a basic quality of life is something that we should all be able to take for granted. However, for many of the people we support, it can be out of reach. Indeed, for those in financial poverty, the basics – such as heating and food on the table – can be a struggle, leading to stress, anxiety and ill health. Our Welfare Team can step in to support when times get tough, helping people to access statutory support when it is available to them, as well as support in their local communities. Furthermore, we work with our beneficiaries to ensure that they are also supported physically and emotionally, helping them, for example, to access community-based support groups such as our own Living Well Groups.

Home adaptations

Our ability to move around and live within our own homes can be affected by injury, illness or ageing. The simple things – taking a bath, climbing the stairs – can become impossible and leave us feeling trapped and afraid.

Making the necessary changes to allow you to live within your home can also prove costly and become out of reach for many. A stairlift, a wet room, wheelchair accessibility ramps, the practical implications of organising for them to be installed or fitted can also be as daunting as the prospect of paying for them.

Our Welfare Team is ideally placed to help in just such circumstances. Find out how we approach the support we provide to you here.

Real life story: Mr and Mrs Stubbington

Specialist equipment

Sometimes all you want is the best for the person or people you love the most. However, that can prove difficult at times when, for whatever reason, you can’t give them the things they need.

A helping hand is sometimes all you need to get there though, and we may be able to provide it.

Find out about our personalised approach to support here.

Real life story: Reid Morris

Other examples of ways we can help
  • Signposting to relevant advice, information and advice
  • Information on statutory entitlements
  • Financial support
  • Home adaptations
  • Support with independent living
  • Bereavement support