Earlier in her career, Sarah Cuthbert visited Marine Court for a recuperation break to help her to address the issues she was facing in her personal life. She left with a newfound clarity and focus, as well as something she wasn't expecting to find there - a husband.

Sarah is now a Training Support Officer at Thames Valley Fire Control and also volunteers as a Service Coordinator for the Charity. In the videos below, she talks about how the Charity helped her and her experience as a volunteer.

How the Charity helped

“It was two weeks away from everything that was causing me to be so stressed.”

Sarah Cuthbert

Around the same time that Sarah was applied for the Charity’s support, she had also decided to volunteer for the Charity as a Service Coordinator for Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. As a volunteer for the Charity Sarah is responsible for informing staff with the Service about the Charity and Coordinating the fundraising efforts of the different stations.

Volunteering for the Charity

“I’d been looking to do something voluntary that would make a difference”

Sarah Cuthbert

View our volunteering opportunities page to find out more about how you can support the Charity as a volunteer.