Why was I called by 0117 428 1928?

If you have previously made donations to The Fire Fighters Charity, played our Fire Fighters Lottery or received support from one of our centres you may have received a call from this number 0117 428 1928.

This call would have been made by our fundraising partner Ethicall Ltd. They call our previous supporters to thank them for their previous donations and to ask them to consider making regular donations again to support ill or injured members of the fire and rescue community. They also call current regular donors to ask them if they would be willing to migrate their payroll donations to a direct debit.

To learn more about our telephone fundraising campaigns you can download our FAQ.

Download our Telephone Campaigns FAQs

If you have any concerns about the call you have received from this number then please contact our Customer Care team by emailing customercare@firefighterscharity.org.uk or calling 01256 366 566.