Through our OneUp campaign we’re asking you, and every regular donor, to increase your donation by just £1 a month. We will start this from your February pay, unless you let us know that you do not wish this to happen. Simply complete the form below to opt out before 17 January 2020.

payroll opt-out form

Your additional pound will go towards helping people like Paul.

By uplifting your regular donations, you will ensure that we can continue to be there for more people like Paul, and all of the others who have not yet felt strong enough to reach out for help.

“The combined income from our regular donors form the bulk of our annual income, so it’s no exaggeration to say that they are our lifeblood,” says Charity Chief Executive Dr Jill Tolfrey. “Having a steady, predictable source of income each month allows us to deliver our services and plan ahead. However, just as with everything in life, rising costs outside of our control mean that we have to make every pound work as hard as possible. I hope our regular donors can therefore appreciate the vital need to increase donations in line with these rising costs and in order for us to continue to deliver the high standard of support our beneficiaries have come to expect.”

If you do not wish to increase your donation by one pound a month, you have until Friday 17 January 2020 to complete the opt-out form below. If you are happy to increase, you don’t need to take any further action. Your first increased donation will take effect from your February pay.

Please note that this increase does not include regular payments made as part of The Fire Fighters Charity’s monthly lottery.

OneUp Opt-Out Form

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