Set a date

Set a date for your open day – weekends or school holidays work best for ensuring a high attendance.

Notify your Service Coordinator and your Regional Fundraiser

Let your Regional Fundraiser know about your event. You can click the button below to find out who covers your region.

Our regional fundraisers

Plan your day

  • Can you get support from community safety or fire service volunteers?
  • Contact local stallholders and ask if they would like to be involved e.g. face painters, balloon animals.
  • Consider approaching a local company who might sponsor your whole event. We would recommend that in return for their logo featuring in publicity materials they donate a monetary amount, i.e. around £500 dependant on the size of your station.  Talk to your Regional Fundraiser to advise on what amount to ask for.
  • Organise some demonstrations e.g. rescue from your drill tower, extrication and chip pan demonstrations.
  • Think about wet weather contingencies.

Contact the Charity’s Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care Team will help you to arrange insurance and branded Charity materials for your open day.

Request Public and Legal Liability Insurance for your open day

    • The Charity’s insurance provides public liability cover for up to £5m To request this you should complete a Fundraising Event Notification (FEN) form detailing all of the activities taking place at your open day and return to Customer Care.
    • The Charity can provide cover for activities undertaken by Fire and Rescue Service employees and volunteers that are not part of your usual business activities e.g. running a BBQ, tombola, collecting donations or other games and activities.
    • The Charity’s insurance does not cover externally provided activities or equipment used at events e.g. funfair rides, external caterers or bouncy castles. When submitting your FEN you should also provide copies of the insurance cover for any external equipment or activities planned for the event.
    • Any Fire and Rescue Service related activities that are part of your usual business activities (e.g. drill tower rescue, community safety advice) and any Fire and Rescue Service equipment used should be covered by your Fire and Rescue Service Insurance. It is recommended that you check this cover is in place. If your event only involves Fire and Rescue Service activities and equipment then you do not need to submit a FEN.

FEN Form Screenshot

Fundraising Event Notification Form

Event Insurance FAQ

Place an order for an Open Day Materials Pack

This pack will include:

  • 4 x Plastic banners
  • 20 x Lottery leaflets,
  • 4 x Cardboard collection boxes
  • 20 x ‘About Our Charity’ leaflets
  • 1 x Pack of 10 balloons
Customer Care Team contact details:

Email:       Tel: 01256 366581

Check if a ‘Shop in a Box’ would be suitable for your event

Our shop in a box programme is ideal for open days and local events.  We can supply you with a pre-selected box of our merchandise, a price list and instructions.  All we ask is that you sell as many items as you can on the day, box up whatever’s left over, send it back to us free of charge and pay in the money you have raised.

We ask you to aim towards sales of over £150, this helps us to cover the costs of shop in a box and means there are more profits to donate back to the Charity.

You can order a shop in a box for your open day by emailing or calling 01256 366 566.

To learn about our shop in a box and its contents visit –

One standard shop in a box will be provided per event and to arrange this for your open day we’ll need to know:

  • The date of your event, where it is being held and what you are doing.
  • The contact details of the person who will be responsible for the box – name, e-mail address and mobile phone number.
  • An address for delivery where there will be somebody available to sign for the box – boxes are usually sent 3-4 days before your event.

Once your box arrives we suggest you take some time to familiarise yourself with the products and read the information pack that we supply within it. This will give you a price list, stock list and returns information. There will be a paying in slip which is specifically for shop in a box sales and a courier returns label – please look after this as we are charged for replacements.

Order a Shop in a box

Promoting Your Open DayFirefighter Action 2 - TFFC Event Poster Template

  • Talk to your Regional Fundraiser if you’d like some help in promoting your open day.
  • Ask if the communications team for your fire and rescue service would be able to promote the open day.
  • Contact local schools and nurseries to promote your open day.
  • Inform local papers and radio stations about your open day, your fire service communications team may be able to help with this.
  • Promote the open day on social media.
  • Download our templates to promote your open day in the local community.
    • Add the time, date and location of your open day to the poster template.
    • Print copies of the poster and ask if you can put it up around the local community (schools, supermarkets, libraries, churches, local businesses).

Editable open day poster template

Blank event poster templates

Running Your Open Day

On the day have fun and raise as much money as you can for the Charity. Remember to take lots of photos and videos even if it’s just on someone’s phone. If you can get a local press photographer to attend then even better!

Post updates on social media during the event and mention us (Twitter: @firefighters999, Facebook: @thefirefighterscharity, Instagram: thefirefighterscharity).

After Your Open Day

Pay in the money you’ve raised.

  • Make sure you pay in the money you’ve raised as soon as possible after the event.Monies Returns Form Screenshot
  • You can do this using your station’s paying-in book, or you can request a paying-in slip from our team by emailing or calling 01256 366 566.
  • Please also complete our monies return form so we are able to track your payment and thank you appropriately.

Pack up and send back your shop in a box.

  • Pack any remaining stock back into box.
  • Arrange collection with our distributor (contact details provided with the box).
  • Attach the supplied ‘Courier Return Postage Slip’ to the box – couriers will not collect without this being on the box.
  • Pay in money raised from your shop in a box using the paying in slip provided with the box. This money needs to be banked separately as they are trading Items.

Let everyone know how the event went

Event insurance FAQ

See the answers to frequently asked question regarding insurance for your fundraising event.

Contact us

Contact our Customer Care Team to ask any questions you have about fundraising for us.