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Community Events Coordinator – Katy Parsons


Kerry James

Regional Fundraiser

England: Southern


Kerry covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire, Guernsey and Jersey. She works full time supporting the fire and rescue service, companies and general public who stage various activities for the charity throughout the year as well as hosting a calendar of events across the region. If you would like to get involved or need support you can reach Kerry at 02380 611 718 / 07827 307 718 or via email. You can also keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter for regular local and regional updates.

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Natasha Mason

Regional Fundraising Team Manager

England: London, South East, South West, North East


Natasha works full time managing regional and volunteer fundraising teams in income generation and engagement across the UK and also support fundraising activities in a number of regions herself. If you would like to get involved or need support you can reach Natasha at 07979758026 or via email. You can also keep in touch via Facebook and twitter for regular local and regional updates.

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Laura Harden

Regional Fundraiser

England: East Midlands, East Anglia


Laura previously worked with British Red Cross in the fundraising team and brought diverse skills and project management expertise to her role for The Fire Fighters Charity.  Laura works full-time for the Charity as a Regional Fundraiser, covering Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Laura manages a portfolio of regionally-led events, several corporate partnerships and also supports fundraising activities held by fire stations, with other companies and the general public across her two regions.

To contact Laura, please call 07798 725 560 or email. You can also keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter for regular local and regional updates.

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Debbie Rushbrooke

Regional Fundraiser

England: West Midlands | Wales: South, Mid and West


Debbie is a Regional Fundraiser for the Charity, covering; Staffordshire, Shropshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Hereford & Worcester, Mid & West Wales and South Wales. Debbie has been a fundraiser for 18 years with a background in corporate and community fundraising. She is developing a portfolio of regionally led events in addition to supporting volunteers, companies and the general public with their fundraising for the Charity.

To contact Debbie, please call 07766 901823 or email. You can also keep in touch via Facebook – West Midlands, Facebook – Wales and Twitter for regular local and regional updates.

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Alan Knell

Regional Fundraiser

England: North West | Northern Ireland | North Wales


Alan is the full-time Regional Fundraiser for the North West, North Wales and also Northern Ireland. Alan has a keen interest in sporting events and hosting Charity Balls, but is also here support any event, no matter the size, you would like to hold. In the past Alan himself has taken part in charity fundraising events such as the London Marathon and other gruelling endurance events, so if you would like Alan to be part of a fundraising team to take on an event just let him know.

To contact Alan, please call 07827 307364 or email. You can also keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter for regular local and regional updates.

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Judith Oliver

Regional Fundraiser

England: Yorkshire and Humberside

Born in Yorkshire, Judith has happily returned after living in many other parts of England. She works part time as the Regional Fundraiser for Yorkshire and Humberside. As trained a rehabilitation specialist in sight loss, and working with young people with acquired brain injuries, Judith managed these services, having responsible for bringing in the money required to keep them going. This included negotiating contracts, applying for grants and general fundraising.  She enjoyed this part of her job so much, she now concentrates exclusively on this aspect and is hugely enjoying putting this experience into practice for The Fire Fighters Charity.

To contact Judith, please call 07825 182621 or email.

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Margaret Barnes-Smith

Regional Fundraiser



Margaret is the Regional Fundraiser for all of Scotland. Margaret’s background, before joining the charity, is working in Education, Administration, Legal admin support and research, Events and Trust/Grant fundraising. She has also managed a regional team of Fundraisers as well as piloting events for the Charity. Margaret is here to support volunteers, members of the public and companies who wish to support the charity, including matched funding initiatives. As well as fundraising, Margaret is always keen to combine, whenever possible, awareness of the Charity’s services to our beneficiaries and working with the Fire and Rescue Services and their community safety campaigns.

To contact Margaret, please call 07887 760555 or email.

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Katy Parsons

Community Events Coordinator


Katy deals with all the National Fundraising Events throughout the United Kingdom which include the Virgin London Marathon, Ride London 100 Surrey, Skydiving and Treks. She supports the fundraising team in building a successful portfolio of fundraising events and assists our participants with registration, event packs and any general questions to ensure their fundraising is maximised and their experience is positive.

To contact Katy, please call 01256 366596 or email.

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