Call Customer Care on 01256 366566

Call Customer Care on 01256 366566

Customer Care

For most beneficiaries, a call to Customer Care or the submission of an enquiry form on this website, will be their first contact with the Charity. Our Customer Care team provides all beneficiaries, supporters, donors and customers with a single point of contact for all enquiries.

Once an application form has been sent out and returned to the Customer Care Team it will be passed on to Advice Information and Support Service and/or our Clinical teams, who will assess your needs and suitability for our services.

Customer Care Team: 01256 366566 and Services Access Line 0800 3898820

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AIASS case workers are based across the UK

AIASS Community Case Workers are based across the UK

Advice, Information and Support Service

Our Advice, Information and Support Service supports individuals in the community covering areas such as social care, advocacy, financial support, home adaptations and equipment provision, bereavement support. Working closely with our Registered Home Visitors our team of Community Case Workers and volunteers will handle cases on a national basis, allowing for a cost effective, efficient and timely response to meeting beneficiary need.

If you require the support of the AIASS you will be referred to it by the Customer Care Team. Please therefore always contact Customer Care in the first instance as the team is trained to ensure you are directed to the most appropriate service for your needs.

Our Clinical Teams


Our clinical teams are always on hand

Based at the Charity’s three centres, our clinical teams comprises of highly qualified and experienced exercise therapists, physiotherapists, psychological therapists, rehabilitation assistants, nurses and clinical assistants. While the services offered at each of the centres varies, the high level of expertise remains consistent and all beneficiaries receive a personalised programme of support to ensure that their time at the centre is optimised for their individual needs.


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