Am I a beneficiary?

Rehabilitation wellness walk

Rehabilitation wellness walk

People from across the fire community are often unsure of their beneficiary status and whether they are eligible to receive support from The Fire Fighters Charity. To simplify matters here is a brief overview of eligibility. If you’re still unsure, however, please contact Customer Care on 01256 366560.

Please note there is an lower age criteria for some services.

Beneficiaries of The Fire Fighters Charity include:

  • Fire and rescue service personnel (whole time, retained, uniformed and support)
  • Former fire and rescue service personnel
  • Works firefighters
  • Former works firefighters
  • Those engaged on or assisting in the management or provision of a Fire Services Youth Scheme
  • Eligible dependants of any person falling within the above
  • Fire and rescue service chaplains or faith leaders
  • Fire and rescue service volunteers

Please note: Each of these areas have qualifying criteria 

Qualifying periods and application rules

If you believe you are eligible to receive support from the Charity please call the Customer Care team on 01256 366560 and we can chat it all through with you.

Contact us to find out more

Meet a beneficiary: Katie Love, Crew Manager

The challenge facing the Charity

In 2015/16 the Charity supported 5,107 individuals – three per cent more than in 2014/15. This figure is rising year on year and the Charity is committed to supporting as many beneficiaries as it possible can at its centres and within local communities across the UK. However, in order to do this it is essential that our income each year – from voluntary donations and fundraising – matches the cost of delivering our services. At the moment it doesn’t and this needs to change, which is why we ask all those we support, and indeed all those individuals who are eligible for support, to donate towards the running of their Charity. You can find out more on our donate pages.

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