"I can't forget the things I've seen."

There are some things that no one should ever have to see, hear or experience. However, our firefighters and control staff are the ones who head into danger or reassure others in the face of adversity. They routinely and repeatedly work in traumatic situations and, although highly trained, the toll on their mental health can be as significant as it is unpredictable. Only with your donations can we ensure that we are there to help the everyday heroes of our fire and rescue community to come to terms with the things they've experienced. Please give what you can and rescue a firefighter today.


"I wish my head could forget what my eyes have seen"

Diagnosed with PTSD, retired firefighter Roger Moore, 55, from Coventry, suffered frequent flashbacks, often visualising the horrific nature of incidents he had encountered during his career. Here Roger and his wife, Karen, share their story of how PTSD changed their lives.

Survey: The mental health of our fire fighters

In March 2016 mental health charity Mind published the results of a survey of 1,641 emergency services staff and volunteers, of which 212 were from the fire and rescue service. The results speak for themselves.
(CFOA National FRS OH Performance Report April 2015-March 2016)

The role of a Psychological Therapist

We have teams of psychological therapists at each of our three centres across the UK. Trained and experienced in the unique mental health challenges that members of the fire and rescue service can face, they provide tailored support for every individual, working with them over time to make a life changing difference. Here Kerry Hodgkinson, Psychological Therapist at Jubilee House, details a day in the life of a psychological therapist and talks about the unique way the team supports fire fighters.

How you can help

There are a number of ways you can help us to support more fire fighters battling to come to terms with the things they have seen, heard or encountered.

Our beneficiaries' stories

The difference you'll make

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