We’re pleased to be able to share that our partners at Big White Wall have relaunched with their newly-named service, Togetherall. New name, same service.

When it comes to mental health, everyone’s needs are different. Some people prefer to be able to speak to us, working through what’s on your mind with a course of online or telephone counselling with one of our psychological team. But some people would rather access support anonymously, speaking to like-minded people in an online forum. That’s where Togetherall comes in.

Togetherall, previously known as Big White Wall, is the only digital mental health service to be registered with the Care Quality Commission. This online platform is moderated 24/7 by trained practitioners and offers a safe, anonymous, judgement-free space to talk about your mental health concerns.

Whether impacted by social isolation and stigma, or simply restricted by geography, work schedules or caring commitments, many people struggling with mental health issues can’t or won’t access face-to-face services. So for many, Togetherall is a less daunting way to access support than through face-to-face interactions.

Togetherall also offers a peer-to-peer support network, giving you the opportunity to connect with others experiencing similar feelings. You also have the option for live one-to-one therapy sessions over a video call.

They offer a wide range of self-guided group and individual courses covering mental health and lifestyle topics. You can browse a library of useful articles and resources and get access to helpful tests and features to track progress – all from the comfort of your own home.

To get started, simply register on our dedicated page on their website.