The first time that I ran the London Marathon, the one question that people always asked me was ‘what charity are you running for?’ It became a bit embarrassing when I had to tell them that I wasn’t! But that made up my mind that I wanted to do it again and this time I was definitely going to do it for charity.

The only charity that means something to me personally is The Fire Fighters Charity.

Rob Holmes 

Although I have never needed the charity myself, I have seen the work that they do when they have helped colleagues back to operational duties after being injured, and even the support they offer to families who have gone through traumatic experiences. I want to do my bit to support the charity so many more can be supported into the future, and thankfully my application to run the London Marathon this year was successful!

Being out with the public fundraising has also been a great opportunity to tell people all about the charity and raise some awareness. The majority of people, who I encountered, outside of the Fire and Rescue Service hadn’t heard of the charity and had no idea how it supports our community.

I have already been overwhelmed at how willing people are to help the Fire Service and how generous people have been with their donations.

My training started properly once Christmas was out of the way. With a lot of miles to get through, I’ve been out in the dark, wind, and rain but it will all be worth it when April 23rd finally gets here!

You can support Rob’s fundraising here