Jubilee House, our centre in Penrith, Cumbria has been host to a ‘Love Activity Week,’ a week that gave our beneficiaries the chance to experience activity and movement as opposed to formalised methods of exercise.

During the week a variety of sessions were run, including chair based exercise, Pilates, Walking Football with the Cumberland FA and parachute games. Alongside informative lectures, participants replanted the garden with winter plants, completed tai chi plus took part in an energetic decathlon. Feedback from all that took part has been extremely positive and great reports were received from the CSP (The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists) about the week.

Louise Lawton, one of our Physiotherapists at Jubilee House said of the week; “There is a growing evidence base for reducing the amount of time we sit inactive so our ‘Love Activity Week’ was an excellent success. Everybody improved on their initial assessments, we were able to identify changes in endurance, strength and flexibility. The feedback from clients showed how much they enjoyed the week immensely. It is certainly something we would like to repeat in the future.”

Kath Savage, Nursing Services Lead at Jubilee House added; “The week was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the skills of the whole multi disciplinary team (Physios, Exercise Therapists, Nurses and Psychological Therapist’s) for the benefit of our beneficiaries. A credit to the Charity”

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