If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, or even if you’re starting to show signs of it, exercise really can be beneficial – particularly when it comes to your bone health.

However, it’s important to always be aware of your own limits and capabilities – everyone is different, so don’t push yourself too much until you’ve built up enough strength.

We’ve recorded a short workout you can do from home, which includes some simple upper and lower body exercises. Please let us know if you find it helpful in the feedback section at the bottom of the article.

For the first exercise: if you don’t have dumbbells at hand, try replacing them with full water bottles or anything else you think would work from around the house.

For the second and third exercises: these require a resistance band, which is an ideal piece of equipment to have at home – it’s cost effective and can be used to work at a number of resistances.

For the fourth exercise: bodyweight exercises don’t require any equipment and they can really improve conditioning – especially squats and push-ups. For the push-ups, start with a wall press, and continue with these if you feel unable to get down to the ground easily.

If you do feel able, you can then move to a box press-up when you’re strong enough. From there you can try a ¾ press up and finally, if you feel ready, a full press-up.

Please note: When undertaking exercise or wellness activities of any kind, please also ensure that you do so in an appropriate and safe environment, taking all necessary measures to ensure your personal safety and that of those around you. We recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning any new exercise programme.

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