We are asking all members of the UK’s fire services community to become a regular donor and help us reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our fundraising.

If you’re thinking about becoming a regular donor, we’d be thrilled with whatever you could afford. But we thought we’d show you what £10 a month could potentially go towards. Because there is no greater an investment than the one you make in yourself and your friends, family and loved ones.

Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you choose to donate £10 a month to us.

On the one hand, this could have bought you any of the following:

  • Two pints of beer in a socially-distanced pub.
  • Roughly 60 miles worth of petrol for your average-sized car
  • A month’s worth of viewing on an online streaming service
  • A meal deal for two people to have lunch.

But on the other hand, by donating £10 to The Fire Fighters Charity, you could have paid for any of the following:

  • Keep our Support Line open so we can signpost anyone who comes to us to exactly the right fit for the them.
  • Enable our Psychological Team to offer a new telephone or online counselling service, meaning we can be there for you at at time and place convenient to you.
  • Pay for the cutting edge digital solutions that allow us to remotely assess people coming to us for physical health support and prescribe exercises personalised to their injury, illness or post-op recovery.
  • Let our Welfare Services Team continue to provide bespoke solutions to those of us trying to adjust to a life-changing event.
  • Give our Nursing Team the means to provide round-the-clock care to beneficiaries with more complex health needs as well as some much-needed respite to their carers.
  • Provide training and support for those amazing volunteers running our Living Well Groups, connecting retired fire services personnel out in their communities and online.
  • Let us support your spouse or dependants when something unexpected crops up with their mental or physical health.
  • Help us create and build a vast library of health and wellbeing resources that you can tap into at any time.
  • Keep our three residential centres open where we can invite beneficiaries to join us for a programme tailored to their individual needs to help them move forwards with their life.
  • Nourish a relationship that will last for a lifetime. Because when we say you’re a beneficiary for life, we mean it.

If you’ve worked for the fire service for five years (or two if you were made redundant) we will be there for you whatever happens in the future, no matter how long ago you left the fire service. And if you’ve had to leave your role on medical reasons, there is no qualifying length of time.

We’ve been supporting the UK’s fire and rescue services for over 75 years, protecting the health and wellbeing of your predecessors, colleagues and loved ones. And we don’t have any intention of stopping.

In recognition of those who came before you and to keep our doors open to those who will follow you, become a donor today.

Let’s get through this together.