Mark Charles visited Blue watch at Croydon Fire Station recently to thank the firefighters who saved his life and to donate £100 to us.

On a previous visit to the South London station Mark suffered a Cardiac Arrest when in the shower after using the gym. He was discovered by firefighter Pete Thompson. Pete removed Mark from the shower and alerted the rest of the Watch. Pete and firefighter Adam Ruffell immediately started CPR, whilst firefighter Richard Paice prepared the defibrillator. A shock was delivered by Richard while the trio continued to work on Mark while the ambulance was en route to the station.

Mark (second from right) with Pete Adam and Richard.

Mark does not remember much about the incident, but says he is; “very grateful for the quick and swift actions of the firefighters on duty that day.” Doctors informed him that these actions saved his life.

Months later, and following surgery, Mark visited the station to give a personal thanks to the Blue Watch firefighters who saved his life.

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