To mark our 75th anniversary, we’re asking you to take on our #My75Miles challenge to help support members of the fire services community in need.

Crew from Chelsea Fire Station are aiming to cycle their 75 miles after a night shift on 1 November in a challenge organised by team leader, Firefighter Michael Hurley.

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Michael, 38, visited our Marine Court centre in Littlehampton on three occasions last year after a motorcycle accident in 2016 left him with multiple leg injuries.

Michael explained: “I needed quite a lot of physiotherapy treatment, the staff were excellent and helped me literally get back on my feet through hours of physiotherapy and through their counselling which they offer too. I am so grateful to them and all the dedicated work they do for firefighters and their families. They helped me hugely, so I wanted to support them by participating in the #My75Miles challenge.”

Discussing preparations for the challenge, Michael said: “We’ve been trying to squeeze training in when we can and as many of us are non-cyclists and haven’t cycled anywhere near this distance before, we are expecting it to be a good challenge for us. We are all taking part because of the great work the Charity does for our fire services community across the UK.”

Louisa De Silvo, Red Watch Manager added: “The Fire Fighters Charity do an amazing job to support us and our families when we need it, so here at Chelsea we wanted to do something to give a little back. A 75-mile cycle ride is going to be a big challenge for us but it’s for a great cause!”

Emily Goble, Green Watch Firefighter said: “The Charity is brilliant, I have many friends and colleagues that have needed their help at some point to get back to work after injuries, or other situations, and I’ve heard nothing but praise about the support, the staff and the facilities. It’s reassuring to know I could turn to them for help should I ever need it in the future.”

If you’re taking part in the #My75Miles challenge, we want to hear from you:

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