To mark our 75th anniversary, we’re challenging you to take on your own 75 mile challenge to help support members of the fire services community in need. The distance is set, but how you get there is completely up to you. This is a weekly series of posts, about your 75Miles, our 75Miler of the week.

Walking is a favourite pastime of Karen Plowman, so having 18 miles of disused railway line right on her doorstep, is a step nearer to her #My75Miles journey.

Karen’s 75 mile page

Karen concluded her first 75 miles at Wadebridge Community Fire Station

Here, Karen tells us why she is taking on #My75Miles:

“My son Josh is an on-call firefighter for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and I am inspired by the selfless dedication of the Fire Fighters community.  I am so glad the Charity is doing the #My75Miles challenge as I have scoliosis and can’t walk very far to participate in normal sponsored walks, but being able to do the 75 miles in my own time means I can reach my goal little by little. My aim is to raise as much money as I can for firefighters affected by injury, illness or psychological trauma.

The sun rising for Karen on an early morning walk

“I live in Wadebridge, Cornwall and I’m lucky enough to have The Camel Trail on my doorstep, 18 miles of disused railway line. There are also lots of coastal walks nearby and my favourite time to walk is early morning when the sun rises.”

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