Welcome to The Fire Fighters Charity's Strategic Plan Update for 2017-18. Here's where you can find out how we got on during the first year of our three-year Strategic Plan, with videos and PDFs detailing our progress across our four core areas of work.

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An introduction from the Chair

Chair of The Fire Fighters Charity, Andrew Lynch, on the challenges and opportunities that the Charity faced in 2017-18 and the progress we've made towards meeting the ambitions set out in our three-year Strategic Plan.

Our Four Key Areas

During our three year Strategic Plan we will focus our energies across four core areas of work. These touch every area of activity across our three centres, Head Office, community-based employees and our amazing volunteer network. The full plan sets out our ambitions across each area for the three-year duration, but here we take a closer look at the work undertaken towards them in 2017-18, while also reflecting on the business-as-usual activity that took place to ensure that we continued to provide life enhancing support to thousands of people.

Increased Mental Health Support

In this video Andrew gives a brief overview of our progress over the course of the last year in regards to increasing mental health support and our plans for a new recovery centre at Harcombe House that will become a centre of excellence for mental health and social wellbeing for individuals, couples and families.

Increased access to advice, information and support

Here, Andrew talks about progress in regards to increasing access to advice, information and support through our commitment to investing in new technology and software and the development of a new online community. Further developments also include the implementation of a new telephone rehabilitation service, the development and testing of a new online community system for beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers and the successful completion of extensive outreach pilot programmes across the UK.

Strong, healthy and connected communities

Closely aligned to increasing access to advice, information and support, this video takes us through the progress of our new online community linking face to face and digital developments with the development of volunteer opportunities, governance, training and development and how the successful completion of our pilot outreach projects has proven the need and demand for this new service.

Enhanced physical activity and rehabilitation programmes

How we have continued to enhance our physical activity and rehabilitation programmes in 2017-18 and further information on the key outcomes we have seen over the course of the year, including the positive result that 80% of attendees on our Health and Wellbeing Programme reported an improvement by the time they left.

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