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We sent a Valentine’s message because we wanted to make sure you knew that we’re here if you need us. We provide independent, confidential physical, mental and social wellbeing support to all members of the UK fire fighting family.

We’d like to know a bit about you and keep you updated about the Charity, so if you enter your details in the form below, you’ll be entered into the draw for a £25 Amazon gift voucher*. For full details on how we will use the data you provide us, please view our Privacy Policy.

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Why did we send out these cards and chocolates?

We’re here to support all fire and rescue personnel, but we have found there are many people working in fire and rescue service offices who don’t realise they can contact us for support. We share the message about the Charity and the support available in many different ways and we’ve found that directly sending people something memorable is a good way to remind them about the support that’s available.

Why are you asking for my details?

We’re trying to get a better picture of the people working in the fire and rescue service, especially in office-based roles. We want to keep in touch with more people so they know about the support the Charity offers and how to access it. This is why we’re asking people to let us know their name, role and brigade, along with contact details that they’re happy for us to send Charity updates to.

Gift card draw terms and conditions

  • £25 gift card cannot be exchanged for cash or another prize
  • Deadline for entry is 31 March 2020
  • To be entered into the prize draw you must give a valid name, email address and phone number
  • One entrant per person
  • Prize winners will be informed via email and will have 15 days to claim their prize. If the prize goes unclaimed during this time, the prize draw will take place again with the remaining entrants.

If you need support from the Charity, call us on 0800 389 8820 or register with us online. Or for any other enquiries, please contact our Customer Care team on 01256 366 566.

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