Brew With a Crew

Our Charity was founded over 80 years ago to support the firefighting crews responding to the Blitz. Host a fundraising brew with a crew in support of our firefighting crews today.

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Have a brew for our firefighting crews

The humble cup of tea is an integral part of life for fire stations, control rooms and headquarters across the country. Join us in showing your appreciation for firefighting crews by hosting a fundraising brew.

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How to get involved

What better way to recognise the efforts the fire services community than with a cup of tea? Form your own crew – whether that’s with family, children, colleagues or friends – and have a brew, making a donation to our Charity in the process. Here's everything you need to know about hosting your own Brew With a Crew.

Impact of your brew

Hosting your own Brew With A Crew event will help serving and former fire and rescue service personnel like Russ to stay happy and healthy this winter. Your fundraising and donations make sure that those in need always have someone to turn to for a brew and a chat when they need it most.

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Moments of calm

For many of our fire services community, a brew represents more than just a beverage. It offers a moment of calm to reflect on difficult incidents, a chance to come together as a crew to share thoughts on mental health and generally gives people just a few minutes of quiet to regroup.

We offer mental health support to all serving and retired members of the UK's fire family, as well as their dependants at home. So if something is affecting your mental health, you can give us a ring, whether you have a cup of tea in your hand or not.

Just your cup of tea

The perfect brew needs the perfect mug and we've got just the thing. In our online shop we have a selection of ceramic mugs, travel mugs and smaller acrylic mugs for smaller hands.

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