How will you rise to the challenge?

Welcome to the Fire Family Challenge, a chance to come together, to stay safe and well, to test your physical, mental or creative strength and raise vital funds to support the UK’s fire services family over the coming months. How will you rise to the challenge?

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Join our Fire Family Challenge this summer

How will you rise to the challenge this summer?
Whether you'd like to run, climb, skip, cycle, bake or get crafty, there's no limit to the amount of challenges people have tried - so why not give it a go yourself?

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The Fire Family Challenge is constrained only by the limits of your imagination. All we ask is that you take on a challenge in support of the UK’s fire services family. What you do, who you do it with and how you raise the money is entirely up to you. Starting your own fundraising challenge is simple. Just follow the four steps below.

Fire Family Challenge Awards

Thank you so much to everyone who is planning, or has completed, a Fire Family Challenge for our Charity. Because of your hard work and dedication, we can continue to support our fire services family with their mental, physical and social wellbeing. Take a look at some of the incredible fundraising activities that are taking place across the country here: Awards of the week

Why we need your support

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has brought our traditional fundraising to a halt, with the cancellation or postponement of countless events and challenges. In all, we estimate that we may raise only around 50% of our usual fundraising income over the duration of the pandemic. This means that we may have to curtail our ambitions and plans for the future, unless we can find an alternate way to raise that income.

Furthermore, we do not meet the criteria outlined by Government in regards to grant support to help us through this period. So, in short, we need your support more than ever. Every year our amazing supporters, donors and fundraisers come together to raise the £10m we need to operate our services in support of the entire UK fire services community.

So, just as we are having to devise new ways to deliver our services and support those in need over this period, we are confident that our inspirational fundraisers can rise to the Fire Family Challenge and turn the disappointment and frustration of cancelled fundraising events into innovation and income.

How your support will help

The money you raise will help fund the mental, physical and social support we provide to our fire family through the coronavirus crisis and beyond. You can view stories about the people we've helped and what we're doing now to support those in need here: Real life stories

Have questions?

If you have questions regarding the Fire Family Challenge you can have a look at our FAQs page or get in touch with our team using the links below.

Stay Safe

However you choose to take on the Fire Family Challenge, please ensure that you stay safe, that you follow current Government guidelines in regards to social distancing and that your challenge in no way compromises the safety of others.

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