Our Chief Executive, Dr Jill Tolfrey, last week spoke at the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Staff Conference, to welcome its employees to the Charity as eligible beneficiaries.

Previously, only those NFCC employees who were seconded from fire and rescue services were eligible for our support, but now our Trustee Board, through the Chair of Beneficiary Services Committee, has approved the extension of the Charity’s full range of services to all NFCC employees

Speaking after the conference Jill said: “I’m delighted to welcome all the NFCC’s dedicated employees to The Fire Fighters Charity and to extend our service offering to them.

“Just as with all those who work for a fire and rescue service, or are otherwise eligible to access our services, NFCC employees can now take full advantage of the diverse range of ways we can help and support them throughout their lives.”

As well as telling the assembled employees about the many ways we can support them, Jill was also able to thank them for contributing to a prize raffle that raised £1,025 for us, and to discuss a number of other ways in which NFCC teams are planning to fundraise over the coming months.

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