We are delighted to announce the second of our series of online health and wellbeing awareness programmes, focusing on joints and musculoskeletal health.

The latest programme will take an in-depth look into the health of your joints and some of the most common joint issues that affect the fire services community. You’ll be able to find all of the exclusive #HealthyJoints content in MyFFC, our new wellbeing and social portal, throughout the campaign, as soon as it’s published. Register here to join the online community right away:

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Created by our expert practitioner teams, we’ll post articles with expert advice, videos and exercise tutorials, photos, real-life stories and so much more. You’ll also be able to join in the discussion, take part in surveys, download recipes, share ideas and meet others from across the UK.

Sharon Bailey, our Director of Beneficiary Services, says: “Over the next three months we’re going to be focusing on healthy joints and providing you with a wide range of resources to help ensure that you are aware of the importance of good bone health and of the simple things you can do to look after your bones and joints throughout your life.”

The aim of the programme is to empower you – our fire services community – with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to make informed decisions, so that you can invest in your bones throughout your early career years, through your working life and into your later years.

Sharon adds: “We will share information – through articles, films, podcasts, webinars and via MyFFC – on a range of subjects, from back care to managing pain, Tai Chi to getting a good night’s sleep.

“We will cover topics that relate to both your physical health and your mental wellbeing. We’ve even got a mini cooking series coming up that focuses on nutrition for good bone health!”

You can find links to each article and video, information on how to join groups and more on our healthy joints hub:

Healthy joints hub

By joining My Fire Fighters Charity, you’ll also have the opportunity to interact with others, share information, tips and offer mutual support by joining our Healthy Joints Group.

This programme – which will run for the next three months – follows our first, at the start of last year, which focused on Healthy Lifestyles. Keep an eye out for our latest content and do get in touch through MyFFC to interact with our content and tell us what you think. Simply register for the app and visit the ‘Access Support’ tab.

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You can keep up with all the latest updates, content and videos in our joints campaign by searching for #HealthyJoints in MyFFC and following the topic.

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