At the beginning of August 2020 Phil Maynard, Haywards Heath Station Manager, began to supply badged hoodies to West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Personnel, support staff and immediate family members. The demand for badged hoodies from other Fire and Rescue Services quickly grew, so the non-for-profit organisation Helping Hoodies was established as way to support the health and wellbeing of people working in the fire services community.

This inspirational idea has achieved remarkable results. Around 150 hoodies have been sold. And by donating 100% of profits from the sale of each hoodie, £750 has already been raised for the Charity.

To make an order

If you’d like to purchase badged hoodies for your Service, the cost is £30, or £40 for the special memorial editions.

To make an order Helping Hoodies will require permission from your CFO to use the badge, and agreement from the Service to participate in the project. They will also need high resolution jpegs or png files of the badge for the embroidery. Following this, you will receive a sample and photos for approval.

We’re delighted to be supported by Helping Hoodies on this exciting new venture. For more information visit the Helping Hoodies website and follow Helping Hoodies on Instagram.