Are you retired from the fire service and wish to meet like-minded others? Perhaps you’re a spouse, partner or dependant of someone in the service? Or are you passionate about organising and taking part in fundraising, whether it’s Car Washes, recycling or running? Whatever it may be, My Fire Fighters Charity (MyFFC) will have a group for you to join!

Working in much the same way as Facebook Groups, MyFFC offers you the chance to join any of 20+ groups, covering a vast range of topic areas. Once joined, you can meet others who share your interests, kick off conversations, share ideas, post content and have fun.

There are a broad selection of groups to choose from, all designed to bring people together from across the UK. The first step is to register for MyFFC and then you can explore all of them and join in the discussion.

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Below is a brief overview of just a few of the groups on offer to all who register, and you can watch our video explainer here to get you started:

Getting started

As its name suggests, this is a great group to join when you first register for MyFFC. We’ll share tips and advice to get you up and running on the site and be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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News and updates

A must for all members, here is where we’ll post all our latest news and updates, including what’s happening across the Charity, what’s new on MyFFC, what’s coming soon and the events and activities you won’t want to miss.

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Runners, riders, walkers and more

Attention fundraisers, this one’s for you. If you’re planning, taking part in or have completed a fundraising challenge, here’s the place to talk about it, get fundraising tips and support others.

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Living Well Groups

Complementing our incredible online and face-to-face Living Well Groups, this group is for anyone who has ever attended or those who’d like to find out more about what they’re all about.

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Monthly Giving

Thank you for regularly donating to us, if you’d like to find out how you can meet others who regularly give through their payroll or by Direct Debit, dive into this group. We’ll share the stories of those who donate and also tell you about the difference your donations are making.

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Retired from the fire service

Whether you retired 30 years ago, or yesterday, this group is for everyone who has completed their time in the service, but is still keen to be a part of the fire services community. Meet others, make friends, be a part of a UK-wide Watch of retired FRS personnel.

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Spouses, partners and dependants

If you’re other half is a member of fire and rescue service personnel, or if you’re a dependant, here’s where you can meet others like you, share your experiences and support each other.

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All our groups are supported by a member of the MyFFC team. Your Group’s Owner will be listed under the ‘Group Details’ – so drop them a message directly if you have any questions or further thoughts.

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