We’re celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee this year with a series of tributes to Her Majesty, who is Patron of our Charity – and one of them is the installation of three sound benches at each of our centres.

The solar powered benches, created by Echo Point and sound artist Justin Wiggan, play a short soundscape, accessed through a button on the bench. The soundscape uses information from our community, who we’re asking to share the sounds they associate with positive memories and happiness. The most popular sounds are then curated into the soundscape which forms a guided breathing exercise aimed at reducing stress, improving wellbeing and aiding relaxation.

Each soundscape will be tailored to meet the needs of our beneficiaries, so we’re now asking you what you’d like to hear! What sound helps you relax? Perhaps it’s the sound of the waves on the beach, or the sound of wind through the trees? Whatever it is, we’d love to know.

Each soundscape will be different at each centre, so if you’ve visited us at Harcombe House, Jubilee House or Marine Court, we would like you to think about the sounds that helped you relax during your stay – sounds that you associate with positive memories and happiness.

If you haven’t visited a centre, we would still like to hear from you – perhaps you live or work in the areas around the centres and can share the sounds that bring you that feeling of relaxation.

Complete one or more of the three questionnaires below, which are completely anonymous, to let us know which sound you think would be most relaxing at each centre:

Jubilee House

Marine Court

Harcombe House

The deadline for these surveys is 25 April, so we’d appreciate any feedback you can as soon as possible.

Once our benches are installed not only will you be able to access the soundscape whilst you use the bench but, by scanning a QR code, you will be able to listen to it at any time – transporting you back to your time with us and a moment that you felt truly relaxed.

A few people have shared their own experiences of using the benches:

One user said: “I use it at least 3 times a week, this is at night-time as I struggle to adjust to sleeping alone, even at 3am I have used it and found that though it doesn’t stop the nightmares or tears, it soothes me enough to be able to go back to sleep.”

Another added: “This is something so innovative, borne from necessity for the extreme pressure and despair that many in our communities live with each day. If it helps to make one life more endurable and worth living it would be extremely valuable, however I believe it will make a life saving difference to many and sure it already has also for us who aren’t aware of our own need for it at this time…..what an incredible comforting provision.”

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