Free wifi is available across Harcombe House and our bungalow park. Wifi use is dependent on your agreement and adherence to our usage policy. You may also need to ‘accept cookies’ when first accessing the internet. View our privacy policy here.

To log in, select ‘TFFC Guest’ from the list of available wifi networks and use the password as follows:

Password: TFFC1943

Estates and Facilities

Our Estates & Facilities Team is on hand to help you during your stay, so should you have a requirement or enquiry, please speak to Reception.

All rooms in the main house are cleaned on a daily basis. Towels are provided for all guests and can be changed upon request. These are for use in the room only, and must not be used in the swimming pool or gym areas. Hair dryers are available upon request from Reception.

Should you need any extra bedding, please speak to Reception and they’ll pass the message on to our Housekeeping team to ensure that it’s arranged.


Rooms in the main house are operated by a central heating system and come on at regular times throughout the day and night. All radiators in the main house are controlled by independent thermostats. Our bungalows, meanwhile, are gas heated, with radiators controlled by a thermostat in the hallway. Boilers are on pre-set timers  to ensure efficient running of the heating and hot water. Please refrain from changing the settings on your boiler, as these are set for optimal operational efficiency. Should you require additional heating, please see a member of the Housekeeping team or enquire at Reception.


Bungalow guests have a numbered space on the hill behind the bungalow park, and guests staying in the main house should park in the car park or at the front of Harcombe House. Disabled spaces are available at the front of Harcombe House. Please note, users of our car parks do so at their own risk, and the Charity cannot accept liability for any accidents, loss or damage to vehicles. All vehicle details must be passed to our admin team at Reception for security purposes.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide a peaceful, relaxing environment for people visiting us. Please respect this wish for serenity by keeping noise to a minimum at all times.

Damages and breakages

If during your stay you notice damage to property or accidentally break something, please report it to Reception immediately.


Bedrooms, the front door in the main house and specific areas you need to access during your stay are accessed by an electronic key fob, which should be kept with you at all times. Guests should be aware bedroom doors will lock automatically behind you.

Bungalow guests will be provided with a key to your accommodation. Please keep this safe. If your key or electronic key fob card is lost, inform Reception immediately.

Name badges

If joining us for a programme of activity, you will be given a name badge upon arrival that should be worn at all times while in the building. For those on the RESET programme, please notify reception if you leave the centre for whatever reason, so you are accounted for in the event of an emergency.

Lost property

Please make all enquiries regarding lost property to Reception. Please also note that we may have to charge for postage if we find the item after you return home. We are unable to keep property for longer than three months after your stay.


We kindly ask all our guests to ensure windows and doors are locked when leaving your accommodation. We do not advise keeping valuables or excessive amounts of money in your room, as the Charity cannot accept liability for items lost or damaged while on site.

Security staff patrol our property throughout the night, and can be contacted on 07970 462409.

Rubbish and recycling

We ask that you leave your accommodation in a tidy state and you dispose of all rubbish upon your departure. Guests staying in the centre can use the bins in their room. For guests staying in our bungalows or houses, general household waste bins are available in the grounds

We respectfully ask all guests to rinse food waste from their recycling before placing it in the bins. Please also ensure the lid is closed, and do not leave rubbish outside your building overnight.

Please speak to a member of the team if you require a clinical waste bin.


We respectfully ask guests to resist the temptation to feed the local wildlife. Some can become very aggressive and it can also encourage vermin to be attracted to food they do not eat.

No smoking policy

Please note, we operate a strict no smoking policy within our properties and the wider grounds. This also applies to e-cigarettes. There is a designated smoking area on the patios of each bungalow and by the Stables bar. Please use the cigarette bin provided.


Children should be accompanied at all times.


We would be grateful if you could please vacate your accommodation promptly on the day of departure, leaving your key with Reception and settling your account. We ask that you leave your accommodation in a tidy state.

To enable efficient preparation of the accommodation for the next guest, please ensure you vacate by 10am. If you are on a programme, alternative changing facilities are available should you wish to shower and change after finishing activities on the day of your departure.