Swimming pools

Please note, use of our hydrotherapy pools is only for beneficiaries on our activity-based programmes and only when supervised by a member of our team as part of your schedule.

Our leisure pool is now available to all rental, catered and self-catered recuperation guests, as well as those on activity-based programmes, on a pre-booking basis. To book, please speak with our reception team. Pools are available between the hours of 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Please shower before using the pool and enter via the steps. Due to limited space in our changing facilities, we ask that anyone using either of our pools changes in their room, so you may wish to bring a robe or dressing gown with you for your comfort. Appropriate and clean footwear and clothing must be worn.

The use of snorkels, masks, flippers or inflatables is prohibited in the pool, and running, jumping and/or diving is not permitted. People with open wounds, communicable diseases, compromised immune systems or recent bouts of diarrhoea should avoid using the pool. Due to the type of lighting in the pool, there may be flickering on the water that may affect those prone to epileptic seizures.


Please note, use of our gym facilities is only for beneficiaries on our activity-based programmes and only when supervised by a member of our team as part of your schedule.

We will be limiting the use of certain pieces of equipment in accordance with the number of people in the gym at any time, arranging those in use to ensure you’re keeping a safe distance from your counterparts. Please be patient with us if a certain piece of equipment is available, as these measures are in place for everyone’s safety.

You do not need to wear a mask while you’re in the gym, but we will have disposable masks on hand if your practitioner needs to get closer to you to show you how to correctly perform an exercise during a session.

We ask that you assist us in wiping down whatever gym equipment you use before putting it away using available wipes and alcohol gel. We will allow time in between each session for our physio team to wipe everything down, but your support in achieving this will be greatly appreciated. There will also be a deep clean of all facilities at the end of each day.


We have a licensed bar on site, available to all guests between 7pm and 10.30pm. As we are a cashless site, we ask that drinks are paid for through contactless payment. In line with safety measures, limited numbers may use our facilities at any one time and some facilities may need to close at short notice.


There is a smoking area near the bar, otherwise smoking is not permitted on the rest of the site, which includes the use of e- cigarettes and vaping. Please maintain social distancing measures inside the bar or when using the decked area outside it or the  smoking area.

Estate walks

For those guests enjoying some rest and relaxation, we invite you to head out into our beautiful grounds and take in the views. We have maps available from Reception for several routes around the estate, should you wish to explore outside of your time on the programme.

Tennis court

No booking is required for our tennis court, but you will need to use your own equipment.


We have two fishing lakes on the estate, of which the two larger have plenty of carp, bream, tench and trout. To fish in these lakes, guests must have emailed us their rod license ahead of arriving and observe fishing conduct regulations at all times. The top lake is not for fishing. Speak to Reception for more information on the lakes and parking.


Beneficiaries may wish to bring a bicycle with them for use outside of the centre and around the surrounding area, but please note, you do so at your own risk as we do not have anywhere undercover for you to leave them. Cycling is not permitted on the site  itself.