24-hour contact numbers

Reception (for calls between 8am and 6.30pm): 01626 853 639
Security (for calls between 6.30pm and 8am): 07970 462 409.

Accidents and Medical Emergencies

In the event of a health emergency, ring 999 and please then contact Reception or Security so we can direct the paramedics to your accommodation.

You will need to give the address of the centre, which is as follows:
The Fire Fighters Charity
Harcombe House
TQ13 0DG
Tel: 01626 853 639 (Reception)

All accidents or near misses that occur on site should be reported to Reception.

Fire evacuation

In the event of a fire please evacuate your accommodation without stopping to remove personal belongings. There is no need to socially distance while you evacuate, but please wear a mask or face covering if possible.

If you discover a fire in the bungalow park, please dial 999 and then inform Reception or Security. For bungalow guests, your assembly point is the car parking area.

Guests staying in the main house should sound the alarm by using one of the breakpoints located throughout the building. Please familiarise yourself with your room’s fire plan evacuation scheme. House guests should congregate by the fire assembly point in the conference room courtyard.

Weekly fire alarm test

We test the alarms every Friday at 2pm. These should sound for no longer than one minute. If the alarm sounds for longer, please follow evacuation procedures.