The Fire Fighters Charity has an 80-year history of supporting the UK fire family, we are known by our beneficiaries for how we support them to recover from injury and/or illness. The core of our support is the integration of physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, through personalised, multi-channelled and long-term engagement.

As an organisation, we are successfully ‘riding out’ the ongoing impact of the pandemic and we have proved we are adaptable and flexible in supporting beneficiaries and our workforce in this changed and changing world. We have provided support through engaging with technology for new and innovative ways of working and we are working together to explore our culture, our values, and our behaviours to understand how we create value in our relationships with our beneficiaries and ourselves.

With a focus on the key audiences of the fire workforce, our retiring and retired beneficiaries, and families, this is a time of change. It is a truly exciting time for the Charity as we take the next steps in achieving our current strategic plan. Building on our heritage we are shifting to an informative, educational organisation that champions prevention of injury and illness, seeking to work hand in glove with our fire services to improve health and happiness through the development of health literacy, whilst continuing to provide support for recovery where needed.

Our over-riding aspiration is for our Charity to be seen as that third space – home – work – Charity – a place of community and where all our people have an emotional relationship – a place to connect and mobilise around the lifetime of their health and wellbeing. We seek to provide a truly integrated services and maintain engagement with our beneficiaries – a ‘lifetime of connection’ to that ‘third space’.

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