Sustainable luxury accessory manufacturer Elvis & Kresse transforms discarded hoses into stunning handbags, wallets, belts and more – with 50% of the profits coming directly to us.

In fact, following years of generous donations, it has donated £66,977.83 to us this year alone.

“Firefighters are there when we need them,” says co-founder and director Kresse Wesling of the latest donation. “When they get a call, they drop everything, suit up, and jump in the truck. They run toward danger. When we started Elvis & Kresse our first goal was to rescue London’s decommissioned fire-hose. When we promised to donate half of our profits to The Fire Fighters Charity we had no idea where this promise would take us, and what an impact it would have.

“Unwittingly, but overwhelmingly willingly we have created this truly virtuous circle. Firefighters rescue us, we rescue the fire-hose, and the proceeds help to rescue firefighters and their families in their time of need.”

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