Fire crews are envied the world round for their easy camaraderie, their ability to work seamlessly together and their solid teamwork. It’s what any business strives for – so what better way to encourage it in your own workforce than by supporting fire and rescue services directly?

Partnering with us will offer so many opportunities to boost employee engagement, encourage team building and motivate your staff, whilst we work with you to deliver your corporate social responsibility objectives.

While we are a national Charity, we have a huge local impact – and that’s all because of the work we do in communities. Therefore, by partnering with us you’ll be reaching new audiences right across the UK. This also means we can offer you many positive PR opportunities, by working in partnership with you on any events, fundraising milestones or news you wish to share publicly.

Ultimately, a partnership with us will help you to build your brand profile and encourage customers to buy your products.

You will be supported by our fundraising team throughout, who are experts in their field of work, and you’ll have a dedicated account manager assigned to you to ensure your goals are met.

Why not make this small move today, to ensure a lasting impact in the future?

You can get in touch with our Corporate and Philanthropy Manager by emailing or calling 01256366593.

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