We’re delighted to work with fire and rescue service communication teams across the UK to share our latest news and updates.

From our upcoming programmes, to new resources, real-life stories, health and wellbeing information and more, we want to ensure we’re reaching every one of our beneficiaries – and we couldn’t do it without you.

With that in mind, please find below some tools and resources for your intranets, newsletters, digital screens, social media channels and other communications, to help us spread the word about our vital services.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please email marketing@firefighterscharity.org.uk. Thank you.

Crisis Line

Please feel free to use any of these graphics on your intranet or digital screens. We have also provided copies of our poster and leaflet for you to print internally or externally if you wish. Please also note that a limited number of hard copies of the posters will be distributed via Service Coordinators in the coming weeks.

Crisis line social and screen graphics


You are free to use any of the images featured in this sample image library.

Our image library


You are free to embed and show any of these videos, featuring case study stories.

Our video library

Graphics – social media and digital screens

If you have specific size requirements for your digital screens or social media, please email us at marketing@firefighterscharity.org.uk.

Social Media graphics

Digital screen graphics

Hope Programme promo


Please feel free to use these versions of our logo when referring to the charity. Please note, however, that the ‘In Aid of’ logo must be used for any fundraising activity e.g. if you were creating t-shirts and wishing to promote the charity on them.

Colour logo

Black and white logo for colour background

In aid of logo

My Fire Fighters Charity logo

Your Community Fundraiser

Wherever you are in the UK, our expert Community Fundraisers are on hand to answer your questions and queries. You can find which one of our team covers your area here, and a poster for each of them via the button here:

Meet your Community Fundraiser – A4 posters


We are looking for inspiring individuals to help with fundraising activities and spread the word about how our Charity can help.

Become a Station Representative – A4 posters

Posters and printed collateral

Please print off and share the below posters, where relevant, on your noticeboards and around stations and offices.

Specialised residential programmes

Open Day poster

Car Wash posters

Join a Hope Programme

Share your story

Our latest campaigns

We have created a suite of online resources around suicide prevention which you can find here.