With Half Term, Halloween and so much more packed in, October is a great time to plan a fundraising event – and our supporters didn’t let us down this last month.

From peak climbs and car washes, to ladder climbs and even a spin on the TV show Hunted, we’ve seen some very creative challenges during the last four weeks.

One unique fundraiser even saw a crew from Egremont Fire Station in Scotland pass a bucket of water from the station right down to Whitehaven Harbour.


Meanwhile, eight apprentices from across Berkshire cycled 80km each on static bikes to raise thousands for us at the end of the month. You can see them mid-challenge here:

What could you think of before Christmas?

Don’t forget, you can share your amazing fundraising achievements, encourage others and share ideas on My Fire Fighters Charity. We have a series of dedicated groups you can join. Just register now and head to the β€˜Groups’ tab at the top of the My Fire Fighters Charity homepage.


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