As we gain in years, so we also gain habits that may be having a negative impact on our sleep and our health without us knowing. But there are a few simple things that you can try as you get older.

AJ Whitaker, our Wellness and Behaviour Change Coach, has reflected on how we can change everyday habits to invite quality sleep back into our lives…

Sleep changes with age – with babies, infants, teenagers and adults all often showing major differences when it comes to sleep patterns.

As we mature, the quantity and quality of sleep may diminish. You may find yourself waking from slumbers feeling unrefreshed and fatigued. Meanwhile, balancing family life, careers, caring for others and our physical and mental health will bring changes to sleep patterns. We tend to accept all of this as an inevitable part of ageing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

While it’s easy to assume older individuals need less sleep or are unable to get quality sleep, health conditions, medication, our thoughts and our behaviours may be having a greater impact than we realise. Therefore, changing some behaviours, routines and thoughts about sleep can have a positive impact.

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