Before the event

Promotion and communication
  • Advertise the event a few weeks in advance via social media if possible. Please remember to tag us in any posts you share.
  • Put up posters and hand out leaflets in the community before the event (schools, community centres, shops).
  • Place posters and/or banners in front of the station to promote the event.
  • Use balloons to highlight the event.
  • Consider discussing a local press release with your Community Fundraiser – the Charity may be able to support with this
  • Order community fire safety materials to hand out on the day including road safety leaflets (liaise with local police if needed).
Car washing
  • Request road barriers from operational support if required
  • Plan the route that cars will drive in and out the station or yard
  • Ensure you have refreshments ready for the event
  • Ensure all equipment needed has been ordered and available in advance of the event
  • Have sun tan lotion available.

During the event

Promotion and communication
  • Share updates on social media throughout the day, with clear details on where people can come and during which times. Strong images and videos are always good to share – and make sure to tag us in any posts
  • Have two or three staff on forecourt to encourage cars passing by to enter (they may even donate without getting their car washed)
  • Set up a community fire safety table with road safety leaflets
Car washing
  • Brief all staff attending of any health and safety aspects
  • Set up refreshment table with plenty of water
  • Have first aid equipment readily available
  • Rotate roles every hour and ensure regular water/snack breaks
  • Place a safety officer on either side of the car for safety when cars are moving
  • Brief all staff of car route in and out of station/yard pointing out hazards
  • Set in hydrant and cone off area
  • Ensure twinned hydrant lengths are in a safe place and do not obstruct route in and out
  • Site appliance away from car route to limit noise pollution whilst washing the cars
  • Flake off both hose reels ready for use on either side of route, use hose ramps where necessary
  • Delegate roles to personnel for each station: wetting cars, soaping and washing cars, rinsing cars, window cleaners, wheel cleaners, money and gift aid forms, community fire safety, safety officers
  • Brief crews which station they will be working in next for hourly rotation
  • If possible have 4 washers per car, (1 front, 1 rear, 1 nearside, 1 offside).

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