Season two, episode ten

Maintaining healthy joints is of the utmost importance when it comes to overall wellbeing, particularly in the fire and rescue service. So, in this week’s Shout!Podcast we’re discussing tips to look after your joints, whatever your age, and the importance of having a positive mindset throughout.

We speak to the Charity’s Wellness and Behaviour Change Coach, Mike Lennon, about how to stay positive while dealing with pain, particularly in the run-up to surgery. Mike shares some simple strategies as well as explaining how a positive attitude can help in recovery.

Next we chat to beneficiary Keith Walkington, who is an Operational Watch Manager with Humberside FRS. He began suffering with osteoarthritis in his right hip joint a few years ago. When it began affecting his day-to-day work and life, he underwent a hip replacement and the Charity supported him in his recovery afterwards.

Finally Exercise Therapist Craig Williamson and Physiotherapist Peter Raistrick discuss arthritis and how it can impact people in different ways and at different point in life. They share positive steps our beneficiaries can take to help them lead a healthy lifestyle throughout.

And we have a special Podcast Plus this week, as Clinical Assistant Sabrina Langley guides us through a relaxation exercise.

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