Retired Watch Manager, Stephen McArdle, was struggling to manage after fracturing bones in his shoulder, back and ribs in a road bike accident.

Stephen is now retired after a long career serving in Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service. We talked to him during his second visit to Jubilee House, our centre in Penrith, while he was receiving rehabilitation support.

Before this visit in 2017, Stephen had attend the programme at Jubilee House in 2016 for a different injury. He had completely ruptured his Achilles tendon while on holiday in Turkey and was operated on while abroad. He found the path to recovery difficult and was in a bad place both physically and psychologically, stating that “I had a feeling that I was never going to get better”.

The Chairman of the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Retired Association saw that he needed help and suggested that he should contact The Fire Fighters Charity. He followed the advice and applied for support and was referred to attend the rehabilitation programme at Jubilee House where he was very impressed with the support that was provided.

“I was blown away by the treatment, within two to three days there was a turn around…”

Stephen McArdle

Not too long after he had recovered from this Achillies tendon injury Stephen came off his road bike and fractured a number of bones. He was treated at the hospital but struggled when he returned home due to the fact that he was living alone. He explains “It was very difficult, getting dressed was a major problem…”. Having accessed them before, he knew that his best chance of a full recovery were our rehabilitation services.

“Because of the emotional support and physical support available here, I knew I was in the best place.”

Stephen McArdle

He explained that his visits to the centre highlighted to him the importance of funding for the Charity, and he now makes a regular donation and plays the monthly lottery.

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