Maybe you’ve been dreaming of retirement for years, or perhaps it’s something you’re not feeling ready for – or even something you haven’t been given a choice over?

You might be feeling excited about how much time you’ll have to yourself and what new hobbies you could pursue, whilst at the same time feeling nervous about stepping away from your role and your identity – whether it’s within the fire service or in another career.

It’s important to know that however you feel about retirement, it’s completely valid and experiencing conflicting feelings about it all at once is normal.

Going from being in a structured work environment around colleagues most days, to suddenly having complete autonomy of your days and deciding what to do next – moment to moment – can feel equally liberating and overwhelming.

Check out some of our top tips below to help you create purpose and enjoyment in your retirement.

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  • Communicate: talking openly and honestly to those around you about how you’re feeling in relation to your retirement can be so helpful
  • Connect with others who have also retired: you could try joining our nationwide Living Well Groups, which you can find out more about here
  • Write in a journal: writing down how you feel can be a great way of getting worries out of your head and gaining perspective on a situation
  • Take time to notice the things you’re grateful for: noticing the small things in life you’re grateful can be beneficial, especially when you’re nervous about retirement or retiring is out of your control
  • Give yourself routine: plan your days and give yourself purpose by picking up a neglected hobby, learning something new, travelling, finding a community group to socialise with. Whatever it might be, find what works for you and enjoy it!
  • Exercise regularly: try a group sport, such as walking football, to support you in meeting others whilst also exercising
  • Challenge your brain: learn something new or take on a challenge. Whatever it is, try and make it something new that challenges you – it can keep you motivated and bring a lot of enjoyment.

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