Dealing with the unknown when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer can be very daunting – no matter how long you’ve been living with the news.

Wondering what treatment might involve and whether it will be effective, what plans you’ll have to put on hold or how you and your family’s future might be affected, are all factors that can leave you feeling fearful and out of control.

It’s important to remember that fearing the unknown is completely normal and is in fact a biological instinct that has helped humans to survive for many thousands of years. Our brains are wired to want to be in control, be proactive and problem-solve during dangerous situations, and anxiety can come about when we don’t feel able to do this.

It’s therefore important, when dealing with any uncertainty, to focus on what you can control and how you can take as much care of your mind and body as possible. Consider trying out some of the suggestions below.

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Focus on the basics

  1. Get enough sleep: this may be more than you’re used to, especially once you begin treatment
  2. Move your body as much as you feel able to – this may be less than you’ve been able to do previously; you may need to lower your expectations and be kind to yourself!
  3. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  4. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet

Try to focus on the present

Try practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques. We have some videos you can start with here.

Share how you’re feeling with others

Seek support from a counsellor as well as family and friends and don’t be afraid to ask for further help if you need it.

Be pro-active in your own care

Don’t be afraid to speak to the medical professionals involved in your care about any questions or concerns you have.

Write in a journal

It can help you process emotions and get worries out of your mind. You can even try jotting down what you feel grateful for each day and reflect on these during more difficult days.

Focus on what you can do

It can be helpful to consider, ‘what can I do that I am not doing because of fear or lack of self-belief?’

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support Line on 0800 3898820 to speak with one of our assessment practitioners about how we might be able to support you, whatever you’re going through.

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