Ways to donate

Via Direct Debit

By far the quickest and easiest way to become a regular donor is to do so via Direct Debit. You can sign up in a few minutes by clicking on the link below and completing our five minute form. You can choose to donate however much you wish on a monthly basis

Donate by Direct Debit today

Switch from payroll to Direct Debit

Time to chat at the Stowmarket Living Well Group

If you donate each month to the Charity through your payroll and are nearing retirement we would urge you to consider switching to Direct Debit. Every year the Charity loses thousands of pounds of regular donations as members of the fire and rescue service retire. Unfortunately in many cases we also lose touch with the individuals who donated too. Of course, retiring from work doesn’t affect your beneficiary status and Charity support can continue to be accessed once you have retired, so please consider continuing your regular donations by Direct Debit and making the switch before you leave the service.