Your physical health

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can leave us sidelined and frustrated, while long term conditions can rob of us of the quality of life we wish for. However, we can help you recover your life, whatever situation you face.

Support that is as individual as you are

Throughout our lives most of us are struck at some point by an unexpected injury, illness or diagnosis. It can be a frustrating and emotional time as our normality shifts from the life we are used to, to one that may now prohibit us from doing the things we want to do, or previously took for granted. Whether temporary or life-changing, we understand how important it is to recover the physical strength and quality of life you desire and sustain it into the future.

What we can help you with

Whether it’s to return to work, to full duties, to Saturday morning football or to any other measure of personal progress or success, whatever your target is for your physical health, we’ll work with you to help you get there.

What we can offer

Ensuring you get the right support, delivered to you in the right way and at the right time. This is the corner stone on which our support philosophy is based. We know that everybody is different, that no two injuries are the same and nor are recovery times.

Therefore we'll work with you to find a solution that works for you. This may include offering a confidential video consultation with a member of our team using, creating a personalised programme for you using our digital technology, or inviting you for a residential stay at one of our centres. We may also signpost you to health and wellbeing apps that we feel could be beneficial to you, or help you find groups in your local community for you to join. Whatever it is, our teams will work with you to find the best fit for you.

Mehrban's story

Tyne and Wear’s Community Safety Officer Mehrban Sadiq approached the Charity for help getting back on his feet after a serious illness. "The programme, the drive, the motivation, it’s great," he says. "You spend quality time on yourself, so that when you go back, you go back as a different person. Coming here makes you realise where you are with your health so when you go back you can continue on doing the job. It’s their job to get you started, it’s up to you to stay on that path and continue that journey."

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Physical health resources

Our Nursing Team

We've always thought our Nursing Team was outstanding, and their most recent inspection from the Care Quality Commission agreed with us, giving them the highest possible rating for a care provider. Based in Jubilee House, our residential centre in Cumbria, the Nursing Team provides round-the-clock care to beneficiaries with additional health needs, helping them to take part in activities and giving some much-needed respite to their carers.

Find out more about our nursing provision