Residential programmes: 2024/25 calendar

Alongside our usual physical rehabilitation, Reset, nursing and Rest and Recharge stays, as well as our online programmes and workshops, we're holding a number of specialised programmes at our three centres over the coming months.

Tailored support

We ensure all of our support is tailored to you as an individual. Therefore, when you get in touch with us, our Assessment Practitioner team will take the time to chat through the options they feel would be most beneficial to you.

Below, you can find some of the residential programmes we're running over the coming months. Our programmes are subject to availability and spaces are allocated according to health and wellbeing need. Eligibility criteria applies.

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Transitions into Retirement
  • W/C 15 April – Harcombe House
  • W/C 1 July – Marine Court
  • W/C 16 September – Harcombe House
  • W/C 18 November – Marine Court
  • W/C 3 March 2025 – Harcombe House

This residential programme is aimed at operational staff who are retiring within the next 12 months or who retired in the previous 2 years. The programme offers a blend of workshops providing guidance, information and opportunities to share lived experiences on topics such as: social identity, social connection, keeping healthy and active in retirement, mindfulness and physical activities. You’ll work as a group and have time to practice new coping strategies with support from the rehab team, as well as use of our facilities and outdoor environment.

Body and Mind
  • W/C 9 September – Harcombe House

This 5-day residential programme includes three-days of activities followed by two-days of rest and self-led reflection. It is aimed at any member of our fire family who wishes to improve their self-care or have an interest in mindfulness, creativity and nature-connectedness. Activities include creative sessions, nature-connection walks, breathing practices, yoga and Tai Chi.

Joint and Mobility Health
  • W/C 6 May – Marine Court
  • W/C 7 October – Marine Court

This 5-day residential programme is aimed at individuals awaiting joint replacement surgery (predominantly hip and knee), anyone with significant arthritis, or anyone who is more than six-weeks post op from joint replacement surgery. This programme will give you the opportunity to learn more about how to manage worn out joints and exercise carefully and safely. There is also the chance to partake in group exercise sessions (on land and in the pool).

Living with Trauma
  • W/C 13 May – Harcombe House – this programme is now full
  • W/C 14 October – Harcombe House

This is a four-day programme that also includes one-day of surf therapy. It offers tailored support for those who are beginning to struggle and have experienced trauma. There will be a range of workshops and activities designed to teach you more about the impact of trauma, techniques for managing trauma symptoms, and how to live with trauma.

Kickstart your Fitness
  • W/C 20 May – Marine Court
  • W/C 17 June – Jubilee House
  • W/C 9 September – Jubilee House
  • W/C 16 September – Marine Court
  • W/C 30 September – Harcombe House
  • W/C 13 January 2025 – Harcombe House
  • W/C 20 January 2025 – Jubilee House
  • W/C 27 January 2025 – Marine Court

This is a five-day programme is for anyone looking to improve their fitness and ways of exercising effectively. There will be a range of activities, including guidance and coaching, gym and pool-based sessions, exercise and nutrition planning, and workshops on sleep, mental health, and nutrition.

Walking for your Wellbeing
  • W/C 3 June – Harcombe House
  • W/C 2 September – Harcombe House

Would you like to use our stunning Harcombe House grounds for self-led walks? Join our five-day programme which is fully catered and provides the opportunity to enjoy two days of pre-planned, self-led walking with some gentle exercise and socialising, plus time to rest and recharge. Participants should be comfortable walking 10km and happy to car-share for walks, as well as sharing same-sex bungalows.

Menopause Week
  • W/C 10 June – Harcombe House
  • W/C 4 November – Harcombe House

This 4.5-day programme is for any female members of our fire family, working or retired, who would like support with their menopause experience. This programme is designed to provide insight and awareness into how to cope with menopause symptoms and signpost to the support available. There will be sessions on sleep, relationships, physical health, and self-care, as well as activities including creativity, walks, and use of the pool and gym.

Family Week – pre-school
  • W/C 17 June – Harcombe House
  • W/C 30 September – Harcombe House

This five-day programme is suitable for families with pre-school age children. This is an opportunity for families to experience a rest and recharge with pre-planned activities, such as arts and crafts, story time, messy play, bug hunts or nature walks, and swim sessions. It’ll also be the chance to meet other families with similar aged children, share experiences, and make friends.

Family Week – single parents
  • W/C 21 October – Harcombe House
  • W/C 17 February 2025 – Harcombe House

This five-day programme is suitable for single parent families with children aged between four and 16-years-old, or children with additional needs. This is the chance to have time away to relax and recharge, and an opportunity to meet other families in similar situations. There will be activities and sessions on baking, swimming, nature walks, swiss ball drumming, animal activities, and arts and crafts.

Young Adult Dependents Activity Week
  • W/C 5 August – Harcombe House

This five-day programme is for families with young adult dependents aged between 17 and 25-years-old. This is an opportunity to have time away to relax and recharge alongside other families in a similar situation. There will be activities such as baking, swimming, nature walks, and Tai Chi.

Building Resilience
  • W/C 24 June – Harcombe House
  • W/C 3 February 2025 – Harcombe House

This three-day programme is aimed at any beneficiary who would like to improve their overall wellbeing by developing their coping strategies and building their personal resilience. It’ll combine group-based workshops and activities (such as physical, creative, and mindful) to build your resilience and overall mental fitness.

Living Healthily After Cancer
  • W/C 8 July – Harcombe House
  • W/C 2 December – Harcombe House

This five-day programme is for individuals who have had successful cancer treatment and are in the five-years period post treatment. This will offer you the opportunity to learn about healthy living, ways of managing exercise effectively, and time with our clinicians and the support of others with similar experiences, as well as activities such as gym and pool-based sessions, walking, Tai Chi, and workshops on nutrition, mental health, and loss and change.

Covid Recovery Programme
  • W/C 8 July – Marine Court
  • W/C 11 November – Jubilee House
  • W/C 10 March 2025 – Harcombe House

The Covid Recovery Programme is designed for those who have post-Covid syndrome, where they are still experiencing ongoing symptoms 12 weeks or more after an initial Covid infection. The 5-day programme includes a range of educational sessions and activity-based sessions including breathing techniques, fatigue management, coping strategies, and exercise-based sessions. As well as this residential programme, we also offer a digital Covid Recovery Programme which runs twice weekly over a 7-week period. This has varying start dates, so please contact us directly for further details.

Festive fun for carers and their cared for
  • W/C 9 December – Harcombe House

This five-day programme combines three-days of activity and two of rest, and is aimed at members of our fire family who have a caring role to come along with those they care for. The activities include festive fun such as crafts, quizzes, baking, and a pre-festive Christmas lunch.

Living with Early-Stage Dementia
  • W/C 17 March 2025 – Harcombe House

This programme is aimed at beneficiaries who have been recently diagnosed or in the early stages of dementia. Sessions will cover topics like understanding and coping with change, making plans, the benefits of exercise and more. The week will include some time in the gym and beneficiaries attending the programme will need to be accompanied by a partner, carer or other adult with full capacity to help care for them.

Women’s Wellbeing Week
  • W/C 30 June – Jubilee House

This five-day residential programme is group based and offers support for women aged approx. 40 to 60-years-old who would like to learn more about women’s health and wellbeing, e.g., menopause, osteoporosis, strength training and cardiovascular fitness. The programme combines educational workshops, physical activities, and relaxation sessions.


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All programmes start on a Monday, with arrival on the Sunday. These programmes are all catered weeks (but self-catering options may be available). To enquire about any of the above programmes, fill in our online form below or, if it's a programme in the next two months, call our Support Line on 0800 3898820.

Our programmes are subject to availability and spaces are allocated according to health and wellbeing need. Eligibility criteria applies.

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