The Family Hub

Supporting the families of fire service personnel across the UK is incredibly important to us. Here you can find everything you need to know about the services available to spouses, partners and dependants, useful resources, activities to enjoy and information on how you can get involved.

Support for the whole family

Are you the spouse, partner or dependant of a firefighter? We are here for you, empowering you to live healthier and happier throughout your lives. From our Child and Family Weeks at Harcombe House, through to dedicated programmes and a wealth of online resources, you can find out more about the support pathways available to you below.

Call our Support Line on 0800 389 8820

Resources for families

Upcoming residential programmes

Alongside our usual physical rehabilitation, Reset, nursing and Rest and Recharge stays, as well as our online programmes and workshops, we're holding a number of specialised programmes at our three centres over the coming months.

You can find a calendar of these programmes through to March 2025 by clicking the button below.

24/25 residential programmes