Activities for crafty crafters

Blaze Bear colouring sheets

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. We think our emergency services are amazing. Why not print out one of our colouring sheets and post it to your local fire station or control room to say thanks for keeping us all safe during the last year, like Jessica has done!

Download them here

Colour in Neenaw

Everyone’s favourite fire engine is also available to print off and colour in. Find a Neenaw colouring-in sheet here.

Blaze Bear Activity Sheets

We’ve got a special Easter-themed Blaze Bear activity sheet, which you can find here. And we’ve also saved the Blaze of Glory pages from past copies of Shout! magazine, which you can find here and here.

Colour in fine art

One of Britain’s leading artists, Sir Michael Craig-Martin, has designed a poster for adults and children to colour in and display as an appreciative show of support for the selfless work of NHS staff. You can find it here.

Activities to keep healthy, fit and active

YouTube is your friend

There’s plenty of amazing stuff out there to encourage kids to get moving, so ask them what they’d like to do and do your research.

The Body Coach Joe Wicks has been hosting live daily PE lessons throughout the UK’s three lockdowns, which you can now watch anytime via his YouTube channel.

Or if they prefer dance to PE, Strictly Professional Dancer Oti Mabuse also hosted daily dance sessions each weekday. Here’s one of her fantastic routines, inspired by Spider Man! Sadlers Wells Ballet have also created a series of family dance workshops.

Get outdoors

Why not do a scavenger hunt around your garden or down your road, writing a list of things to spot while outside? (sticking to Government guidelines for outdoor activity).

Activities to nourish your soul

Get reading

Reading is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, and take your mind off any worries. If your children don’t like reading books, why not listen to them? David Walliams has several readings of his books and Audible have made loads of children’s books free to download as well.

Mindfulness for children

There are lots of guided meditations on YouTube for you to watch and enjoy, which will help you take some much-needed time to relax. Here are some of our favourites:

Enjoy the grounds of Harcombe

Our Wellbeing and Behaviour Change Coach Sally Walker has provided a relaxation video featuring some of the beautiful grounds of our residential centre in Devon, Harcombe House. Sit back, relax and enjoy unwinding.

Enjoy nature

Host a field trip to your back garden or a patch of greenery near your house. Write down five things you can hear, see, smell, and touch. Not only is being outdoors great for our wellbeing, but this activity also helps ground people in the present, something extremely important during periods of stress or uncertainty.

Activities for the arts lovers

Take in some theatre

Entertainment and the arts have never been more important to give people and families a distraction from everyday life. Theatres are constantly updating the shows they are streaming, but you can find an up-to-date list here.

Create your own cinema

Host a family movie night and set your living room up to feel like a cinema. Design tickets and create tasty snacks to enjoy while you watch. Or if you want a low-key affair, what’s better than “going to the cinema” in your pyjamas?

Visit museums and galleries

Some of the most famous museums and galleries have opened their virtual doors to us to enjoy their contents from the comfort of our own home. Enjoy an Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate Modern, wander round the British Museum, or have a go at recreating famous works of art with the Getty Museum challenge through the Google Arts and Culture forum, where you can also take part in an online treasure hunt through famous works of art.

Activities for the future

Create an ideas jar

Whenever someone in your family says they’d like to be doing something, make a note of it and keep it safe. Perhaps you could decorate a jam jar to house all of your ideas for things to do in the coming months. Then, when restrictions have fully eased, you’ll never be stuck for ideas of things to do again! Just enjoy picking one out at a time.

Make a time capsule

Why not create a time capsule for the future? You could fill a shoebox with newspaper clippings, letters or cards you’ve been sent, things you love at the moment and seal it up to put away somewhere safe. Write on it ‘Not to be opened until 2030’ or even ‘2040’, so you can look back and remember just how you felt during these times. Or if you’re feeling particularly bold, why not bury a timecapsule in your back garden? Create it as a family, write down how you felt about things and enjoy collecting stuff to go in it.

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