When we think of a carer, many consider this as someone who works 24/7 to care for another person in their life – but it’s actually much broader than that.

Some people may not consider themselves to be a carer when they really are – and they’re just as eligible for our support as anyone else in the carer community. So, could you be one without knowing it?

Carers’ roles are all different and while some may have common ground, your situation will always be unique to you. Perhaps you help to pick up shopping or medication for someone? Or help to look after a family member? Or you maybe even spend an hour or two a week with someone in your community?

Here are just a few of the things you may do…

  • you might provide help and support 24/7
  • you might spend a few hours a day caring for someone in your life, or just pop in once a week
  • you might care for someone you share a home with, live separately from, live nearby to or miles away from
  • you might be the sole carer, or share responsibilities with several family members who help to look after the same person.

Caring duties are also different. You might provide help with any of these tasks:

  • personal care: washing, dressing, taking medication
  • household tasks: shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry
  • financial matters: dealing with bills, writing letters
  • supervision: watching over someone who can’t be left alone
  • travel assistance: getting out and about, going to appointments
  • emotional support: friendship, listening and advice.

If you think any of these fit your personal situation, we have support available for you. We are now running a Hope Programme, an online mental wellbeing programme, starting on 24 May 2022 dedicated to carers. Find out more here:

Hope Programme for Carers

We also have several activities and online calls available throughout Carers Week in June. Find out more here:

Carers Week 2022

And we have a dedicated group for our caring community in MyFFC. Register now and join it by clicking on the ‘Groups’ tab at the top of the homepage.

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