Welcoming your four-legged friend

We’re pleased to be able to offer beneficiaries and guests the opportunity to bring their pet dogs with them to Harcombe House and Jubilee House when attending as a beneficiary for a health and wellbeing programme, or when renting one of our dog-friendly bungalows.

We have allocated a small number of our properties for dog owners. Guests can bring up to two dogs with them and we ask that dog owners abide by the site rules during their stay, giving careful consideration to all other guests, site visitors and beneficiaries.    

Please note that we support vulnerable individuals at Harcombe House and Jubilee House, so please ensure that your dog(s) always remain under control and on a lead when walking around the site and grounds. 

As has always been the case, beneficiaries with registered assistance dogs are also welcome and they can accompany you as necessary during your time with us.

We have outlined some useful FAQ’s below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Care Team on 01256 366566 or email customercare@firefighterscharity.org.uk 

Please be advised that breeds of dogs listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act are not allowed on site. 

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Why are you allowing this now? 

Having listened to feedback from beneficiaries and guests, we have made the decision to welcome a limited number of dogs to two of our three sites. While we always put the health and wellbeing needs of our beneficiaries first, we recognise that being able to include dogs is important to those attending our centres. This policy will be trialled at Harcombe House and Jubilee House. 

Am I allowed to bring my pet dog if I am attending for a health and wellbeing programme? 

Yes, as well as registered assistance dogs, we do allow beneficiaries attending a health and wellbeing programme to bring their dogs with them, subject to accommodation being available. However, we ask that you discuss this with us in advance as there may be situations where it is not appropriate for you to bring your dog with you. For instance, we discourage leaving dogs unattended in our accommodation for long periods of time. Therefore, beneficiaries attending an activity-based programme on their own might not be able to bring their dogs with them, because it is likely they will be away from their accommodation for long periods of the day. 

I’m attending for rest and recharge (recuperation) – can I bring my dog?

Yes, rest and recharge is one of our health and wellbeing programmes and therefore you can bring your dog with you, subject to accommodation being available. Please be aware that as mentioned above, we discourage dogs being left on their own in our accommodation for long periods of time.

Why can’t I bring my dog to Marine Court? 

As all our accommodation is based within our main house – which is used for our residential programmes of support – it is not possible to allow dogs on to the site at Marine Court, with the exception of registered assistance dogs. At Jubilee House and Harcombe House, our dog-friendly accommodation is separate from our main building, which is why they are more suitable for dogs.  

I’m allergic/have a phobia of dogs – can I still visit? 

Of course. Only a small number of properties at Harcombe House and Jubilee House are allocated for those with dogs, and all our accommodation is deep cleaned between guests. Dog owners are also asked to always keep their dogs on leads and under control at our centres. Furthermore, with the exception of registered assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed inside the main house or communal areas such as The Stables Café at Harcombe House. 

I have more than two dogs, why can’t I bring them all? 

We have restricted the number in order to limit the number of dogs on our sites at any one time. This is important as our centres are also used daily by vulnerable beneficiaries and visitors, including children and young people.

Can I bring my dog to The Stables Café at Harcombe House? 

Well-behaved dogs are allowed on the café veranda, on the condition they are kept on a lead at all times. However, as some of our beneficiaries are vulnerable and may not be comfortable around dogs, we ask that dog owners do not allow their dogs into the café.

Is there a fee to bring my dog?  

For rental breaks, we charge a fee of £49 for each booking, regardless of whether you are bringing one or two dogs with you. This charge covers the additional deep cleaning costs required. This fee does not apply to beneficiaries on a health a wellbeing programme. However, if you would like to make a donation to cover these additional cleaning costs then there are donation points at centre reception or donations can be made online.

Next steps

We look forward to welcoming you and your pet dog to Harcombe House and Jubilee House this year. Book your holiday rental today or enquire about support.