Why not get creative with your Brew With a Crew and introduce some fun games and activities into it?

Give some of these a go and remember to share your photos and clips on social media – making sure to tag us and using the hashtag #BrewWithACrew.

The ultimate biscuit dunking competition: We’re on a mission to determine which biscuit is the most ‘dunkable’ and we need your help. Ask each of your crew to grab their favourite biscuit and see which one lasts the longest after dunking them in your brew.

Biscuit balancing contest: You may have tried balancing a spoon on your nose, but have you ever tried doing the same with a biscuit? Give it a go and race each other to see who can move it from their forehead to their mouth the fastest… no hands allowed!

Show us your ugly mugs! We want to see your ugliest coffee and tea mugs. Perhaps they’ve been shoved to the back of the cupboard, after years of good use, or you were given them as part of a Christmas stocking. After all, the best keepsakes are the ones that have stood the test of time.

Something for the kids

Blaze is having a brew along with us! You can get your kids involved in your Brew With a Crew event too with this colouring in sheet.

Colour in Blaze


What makes the perfect toast and tea combo?

When it comes to breakfast, no two people are the same – whether it’s serving your eggs sunny side up, or lathering your fry-up in Ketchup. And even tea and toast can spark fierce debate.

So, what do you think makes the perfect combo? Do you like a strong ‘builder’s brew’ or do you make you tea ultra-milky? And is toast best served almost-burnt or barely heated? Let us know your perfect combo, choosing a number from 1-4 and a letter from A-D, by commenting on our social media with the hashtag #BrewWithACrew.

Tea and toast combos

Which is the best method to make tea?

It’s the age-old debate – what comes first? Do you add the milk before the tea, or save it until last? We’ve given you four options to choose from!

Tea-making methods


There’s nothing like the humble cup of tea to bring people together during times of stress – particularly over the last year – and the simple act of putting the kettle on can bring a much-needed moment of calm.

For the UK’s firefighters, a brew has long been the stress-relieving answer to the unique pressures that come from working in traumatic situations.

With that in mind, we’re encouraging all of you to take a few minutes – with your crew – to share a moment of calm together. Whether you’re craving a laugh, or feel you’d like to share some of the worries you’ve been experiencing recently, nothing’s off the table.

We’ve gathered together a few fun conversation starters to browse ahead of your event:

1. Which one of your crew never makes the brews?

2. Who always makes the first brew in your crew?

3. Who makes the worst brew?

4. Which biscuit goes best with a brew?

You could also encourage your crew to share some of their stresses and concerns with the group too, after a particularly testing few months.

Our Wellness and Behaviour Change Coach, Sally Walker, shares some of her tips on how to encourage someone to open up.

1. For many people, being asked ‘how are you feeling?’ can make them clam up. So it’s best to avoid that question, and instead potentially frame it in a lighter way – asking ‘how’s things’.

2. Open ended questions are helpful. They usually need more than a yes/no answer and they give people the opportunity to answer in their own time and reveal as much or as little as they wish.

3. Sometimes if you’re happy to share a little of your own experiences, saying something like: “I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling a little stressed recently”, it can encourage people to share too.

4. Active listening is really helpful – making sure to pay attention to the person’s body language. Just listening and not offering advice can be tricky, as we often want to provide a solution, but this can disempower.

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