With the festive season around the corner, we wanted to provide you with some fun and creative fundraisers. Our Charity elves have even included a checklist with each idea to help you make your event totally tree-mendous!

Where required, don’t forget to apply for a street collection licence from your local council as soon as possible, as these are limited.

If you would like any help or guidance on any of the ideas below, please contact you local Charity Community Fundraiser.

And remember to post your activity on social media – tagging us in – so we can support your un-fir-gettable festive event!

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December Ascender

We’re asking individuals across the UK to take part in their own December Ascender event. You can choose any equipment you’d like to use, staircase, treadmill, or step machine to achieve your goal. You choose your goal (e.g. how many times you/your team can climb a virtual fire station tower). Or you can choose to climb the equivalent of a landmark, such as Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis, Snowdon or Everest – the choice is yours!

  • The event will run from 1 November – 31 December 2023. The challenge can only be re-scheduled to January if postponed due to work or weather related or unforeseen circumstances, provided we are informed by the date you would have taken part
  • You must register for the challenge to take place on a date during November or December 2023
The Challenge
  • You can take part on your own or as a team
  • You must register for the challenge to take place on a date during November or December 2023
  • You have one hour to complete your challenge!

Register your public December Ascender

Christmas raffle, tombola or quiz 

  • Ask local businesses to donate gifts or voucher (you can either use the vouchers as a prize or buy an item as a prize)
  • If holding a raffle you could group lower value items into a “Goody hamper” as one prize
  • With a Christmas quiz, make sure the questions cover a variety of Christmas-themed topics to make it inclusive to as many individuals as possible
  • Having 20-30 raffle prizes won’t sell more tickets and people get bored waiting for all the numbers to be called/ prizes to be collected. If you have around 5 higher value prizes, consider raffling those and using the others for a tombola (30-50 prizes make a decent tombola) or a “Prize Every Time” 1 gift per gift bag – pay £1, choose a bag

Register your Christmas tombola, raffle or quiz

Christmas Fair

This is the perfect festive activity to bring the community together around the holidays.

Tips for organising a Christmas Fair
  • Choose a date and publicise well in advance to give people the opportunity of adding it to their diaries
  • Ask for donations from local businesses for refreshments, prizes
  • Invite local crafters and makers to take a stall
  • Charge £10 or £20 depending on the size of your event
  • Ensure there is only one stall per product e.g. preserves, handbags, jewellery, wood carving etc. to ensure stalls aren’t competing with each other
  • Include your own fundraising stalls, such as a tombola, raffle, cake stall, name the cuddly toy
  • Ask a few local community groups (church/WI/Scouts etc.) if they’d like a table to promote their cause, or fundraise, but ensure they DON’T do the same fundraising as you – tombola/raffle etc. as it will dilute your fundraising opportunities
  • Have A Santa’s Grotto, complete with Mrs Claus and elves!
  • Have a “Stage” area, for local performances, and have a timed programme throughout the day
  • Ensure collection buckets are to hand during all displays

Register your Christmas Fair

Carol Singing

Spread some festive cheer by singing Christmas carols to family, friends, neighbours, and your community.

  • Ask your local shopping Centre or supermarket if you can have a slot for Carol Singing
  • Ask a local choir or brass band to join you if you’re not confident singers
  • Make sure you have plenty of bucket collectors to hand
  • You can add this to traditional supermarket bucket collections, for added interest and crowd-pulling

Register your Carol Singing event

Donate in Lieu of Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards can be time consuming, not to mention expensive. And after New Year, the majority go in the recycling bin.

So, why not use the money you would have spent on cards by making a donation to our Charity instead? You could message all your friends and family to let them know and spread the word about how we help our amazing fire family!

Make a Christmas donation

Santa Swap

What can you swap a chocolate coin for? We’ve all heard about the man who turned a paper clip into a house in just 15 swaps! Well, what can you upgrade a chocolate coin for?

Tips for organising a Santa Swap event
  • Charge your participants just £5 per to enter, then provide them with a chocolate coin.
  • Participants have just 40 days of swapping and trading up their items, to turn their chocolate coin into something really valuable, unique, or special
  • Participants can raise sponsorship via a fundraising page (e.g. Just Giving), asking family & friends to donate a small amount each time they post an image of their new item

For suggested Terms and Conditions to use for this event, please speak to your local Community Fundraiser.

Register your Santa Swap event

Santa’s Shopping list

Can your team of elves be the first to gather everything on Santa’s Shopping List without paying for anything?

Tips for organising a Santa’s Shopping List fundraiser
  • Your team could consist of 4 elves
  • Charge just £5 per person and you are required to raise sponsorship via a fundraising page (e.g. Just Giving).
  • Ask someone to adjudicate. They must supply Santa’s Shopping List 5 minutes before the start of the event (to prevent cheating!) and you have just 2 hours to gather as many items as possible
  • You can ask people to help you by donating or supplying the items free of charge BUT the items must be collected by your team members only
  • You can interpret the items on Santa’s Shopping List in any way you choose, but the judge’s decision will be final

For suggested Terms and Conditions to use for this event, or help with ideas for your Shopping List, please speak to your local Community Fundraiser.

Register your Santa’s Shopping List fundraiser

Christmas Jumper Day

Dust off your faviourite Christmas jumper this December – the more colourful and sparkly, the better – and raise money for our Charity!

Tips for organising a Christmas Jumper Day
  • Wear a novelty Christmas hat or jumper in exchange for a donation
  • Send an email around your work or group to get more people involved
  • You could offer a prize for the best jumper – extra points for jumpers with flashing lights!
  • Encourage local businesses and schools to get involved

Register your Christmas Jumper Day

Festive Quiz

Host a quiz over a video call or face-to-face, invite your friends and family and ask them for a small donation to take part. You can either find template questions online, write your own, or ask your contestants to submit a question each to mix it up a little!  

Register your Christmas Quiz

Festive Bake Sale or Baking Class

Do all your friends and family think you should apply for Bake Off? How about literally dusting off your rolling pin and hosting a festive baking class for a small donation? Or selling your festive treats at work or at a local event? 

Register your festive baking class or bake sale 

Boxing Day or New Year’s Day Dip

Brave the icy waters and take part in a local, pre-organised event in the sea, river or lake near you. 

  • Get sponsored by friends, family and colleagues 
  • Set up an online giving page on www.justgiving.com and promote on social media 

Register your Boxing Day or NYD Dip

Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Ask people to donate their unwanted Christmas presents for a future raffle. Or hold a festive eBay sale of unwanted gifts donating the proceeds. You can do this by going to eBay for Charity and searching for The Fire Fighters Charity:  charity.ebay.com

Whatever you do to support us this Christmas, we want to say a HUGE thank you! With your help, we can continue to be there for our UK fire family now, and in the future.

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